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    AWWC is a think tank of engaged female thought leaders committed to discussing challenges and emerging trends in the Workers’ Compensation industry. Our goal is to provide an environment that allows for open dialogue on industry-specific topics resulting in idea sharing, insight gathering, networking.

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    The Future of Work

    Cultures are changing. Worker expectations are evolving. The workers’ compensation industry is facing high turnover and an aging workforce. Companies are heavily focused on talent attraction and retention and addressing the multi-generational needs of the workforce. Have you considered how personal connections and purposeful work impact job satisfaction?

    Watch the keynote address by Larry Gioia from WCRI 2019 and discover your role in the future of work.


    Financial Acumen

    One of the primary reasons women are not promoted to senior positions is the lack of understanding and ownership of business financials. Whether early in your career, mid-level management, or senior leaders, financial acumen is critical for your success.

    Learn more about profit and loss statements, budgeting, and business and division performance metrics here.

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