Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation

AWWC is a think tank of engaged female thought leaders committed to discussing challenges and emerging trends in the Workers’ Compensation industry. Our goal is to provide an environment that allows for open dialogue on industry-specific topics resulting in idea sharing, insight gathering, networking.

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  • In the News

    A 2015 article published on lists several statistics from the National Women’s Business Council’s most recent Fact Sheet: Women-Owned Businesses, noting that over the past several years, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

    Various obstacles make it difficult for women-owned businesses to thrive, yet “Women entrepreneurs who have employees and are growth-oriented are among the happiest people in the world.” The independence involved in being a leader and directing one’s own opportunities are some of the reasons women entrepreneurs are so happy.

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the road to entrepreneurship is that it’s a “lonely journey.” Read the article to find out how women who establish their own businesses are frequently surrounded by a support system that they often go to for help or guidance.

  • What Makes Us Special?

    The Alliance is a unique organization that brings together an entire industry of professional women to work together for the common good. Our goal of inclusivity is manifested in our encouragement of men and women alike to participate in the organization to work side-by-side for the advancement of women and for the betterment of the industry overall.

  • Organizational Involvement

    The primary way the Alliance is seeking organizational support is by encouraging involvement and participation in our organization. We also have a corporate sponsorship program whereby companies financially support the Alliance in offering educational programs throughout the year. For more information about our corporate sponsorship program, click here.