Marijo Storment


CEO of ALARIS and Encore Unlimited

Marijo Storment, the CEO of ALARIS and Encore Unlimited, has over 25 years of case management and insurance related experience.

Coming to ALARIS in 2000 as the first employee, Marijo brought both case management industry and insurance experience to the company. She led the development of an eight-state region, owning the responsibility for all operational and sales functions.

Marijo became the CEO of ALARIS in 2010. Since then, she has successfully developed and overseen the company’s direction including corporate development functions, sales strategies, driving improved business systems performance, and maintaining long-term viability. After facilitating the shift of ALARIS into the Paradigm Outcomes family, Marijo assumed CEO responsibilities for Encore Unlimited. Marijo now oversees both ALARIS and Encore as separate case management brands while driving them towards a common goal.

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