• Testimonials

    “I truly am honored that you invited me to participate. The feedback I’ve heard has been fantastic. (Your event) touched the core that I believe women and leaders wanted to hear! Excellent job!!!

    Appreciate be associated with such wonderful folks!”

    Danielle Lisenbey
    President & CEO
    Broadspire, a Crawford Company

    “I think we have something special here. It was fun and humbling to be on your first panel. The women I met are all talented people shaping our industry…And their stories are great.”

    Shelley Boyce
    Founder & CEO
    MedRisk, Inc.

    “It was fantastic! I have received so much feedback from those who attended on how well done the whole thing was. I also have been approached/called/emailed from people wanting to know how they can get invited in the future.

    As one of the people said, the WEIWC event created BUZZ at the conference.

    I am thrilled to be part of this group.”

    Ann Schnure
    VP Risk Management-Systems/WC
    Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc.

    “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to this special event. I must tell you, this was very powerful to me personally. It was so refreshing and affirming that other woman had experienced some of the same things that I had. I also thought that it was interesting the way some of the woman (who I have known for a very long time) took off “their shield” and related as human beings and not based upon titles.

    I genuinely appreciate you including me in this event. It was very special to me and was the best part of my entire show.”

    Lisa Scaggs-Oskoui
    Executive Vice President

    “This was a very awesome group of women that came together to share their experiences!!! You did an amazing job in putting this together and if you need any help with anything in the future, please let me know. Thank you for including me.”

    Kathy Torres
    Arissa Cost Strategies

    “It was evident that so much passion and thoughtful planning went into this inaugural event; the panel discussion was inspiring and the brainstorming event was invigorating. I am excited to participate in upcoming events and discussions and will continue to explore the website in the meantime.

    Thank you so much for the time and energy you have already invested in this initiative. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

    Michelle Buckman
    Chief Operating Officer
    MedRisk, Inc.

    “Kudos and thank you to you and your board for putting the group together and hosting its first meeting in Las Vegas! Clearly, the assembled group was remarkable!

    The panel was informative and the group discussion productive. I chose the Innovation table because I have found innovation to be one of the greatest challenges in Workers’ Compensation.

    Ultimately, if there is ground-shifting change in the industry, this is the group that can accomplish it!”

    Karen Wolfe, President/CEO
    MedMetrics, LLC

    “I wanted to drop a note to let you know just how much I enjoyed the conference on the 18th. I thought you had an excellent attendance and everyone there was incredibly insightful and helpful.

    Again, great conference. I look forward to interacting with the group more.”

    Mary Ann Lubeskie
    Lubeskie Consulting Services, LLC

    “I want to thank you and the WEIWC Board and Planning Committee Members for hosting such a successful inaugural event! The passion and commitment to make a difference in our industry, while fostering woman in leadership was palpable. I am honored to have a “seat at the table” and I would love to help as an Ambassador in Chicago. My only regret is that I was unable to connect with each colleague in the room! I look forward to future opportunities to support this group. Please let me know how I can help.”

    Kelly Cox Watkins, Vice President, Market Development
    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

    “I would like to personally thank you for inviting members of One Call Care Management to this conference. I was extremely impressed with the panel and very honored to be an attendee. It was a great opportunity to be in the presence of positive, career oriented, strong and goal oriented successful women in the industry.

    Thank you again and I look forward to future opportunities to learn from and build relationships with my industry colleagues.”

    Aquanda Bartley
    One Call Care Management

    “Thank you for including me in this wonderful event! I look forward to continued interaction and opportunities to grow personally and professionally through support of this amazing group.”

    Amelia Cryan
    VP, Enterprise Sales
    One Call Care Management

    “Thank you for hosting and moderating such an amazing event! It was truly a highlight of my week and month!

    I am very interested in doing what I can in Minneapolis as a WEIWC ambassador or local advocate. It was especially meaningful for me to attend, as a ‘new comer’ to the Workman’s Compensation space.

    What a wonderful gift to have met such a talented and passionate group of women right out of the gate! Lucky me. I would like to give back in some way.”

    Jodi Brendel
    Business Executive
    dorsaVi Inc.

    “Fantastic job, ladies!! What a wonderfully organized and informative meeting! Can’t wait to further engage with such a dynamic group and give back to this industry! Thanks for inviting me. KUDOS to you and the Board and the panel!!”

    Cyndy Larsen, RN, BSN, CDMS, CCM
    Area Vice President
    Kaiser On-the-Job®, Occupational Health Sales & Account Management

    “I didn’t get a chance to let you know last week how very much I appreciate your including me in this group. I thought you all did an excellent job and it was really time well spent!”

    Laura Moore
    Industry Consultant