• About Us

    The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation was formed in 2016 when two women’s organizations (Women in Workers’ Compensation and the Women Executives in Workers’ Compensation) merged to create a single entity.

    The mission of the Alliance is to effect positive change in the workers’ compensation industry through networking, support, mentoring and collaboration.

    Through the Alliance, the organization provides opportunities for women to:

    • Engage with accomplished industry professionals and build lasting relationships.

    • Enrich their knowledge base with tactical insights from speakers and panelists.

    • Explore opportunities and challenges facing women leaders today.

    • Encounter senior executives’ perspectives on leadership.

    • Examine leadership strategies and how to effectively apply the strategies.

    • Empower ourselves to achieve success and groundbreaking results.


    What Makes the AWWC Organization Special?

    We are a unique organization that brings together an entire industry to work together for the common good. Our goal of inclusivity is manifested in our encouragement of men and women alike to participate in the organization to work side-by-side for the advancement of women and for the betterment of the industry overall.

    The AWWC organization:

    • Works to open a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace.
    • Discusses overall challenges faced by employers serving the workers’ compensation market, such as how to attract and retain talent, generational differences in the workplace, communication and conflict resolution, and negotiation techniques.
    • Provides camaraderie and opportunities for women wishing to expand their professional network.

    The Alliance is inclusive of all professionals in workers’ compensation, regardless of career stage, with the belief that we can all learn from and support each other. The organization is funded by companies in the workers’ compensation industry who support the organization’s mission.

    Events held by the Alliance provide great opportunities for personal networking, but are not designed as venues to market a particular company or product. We are grateful to our sponsors and the branding opportunities that we provide to their companies, but direct marketing of the group’s members is not permitted.