• Marijo Storment


    CEO of Paradigm Complex Care Solutions

    As a healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience, Marijo is proud to be on the leadership team of the nation’s top firm specializing in injury and disability workers’ compensation case management. Her background spans both the insurance industry and the nursing field, a powerful combination that has deeply informed her leadership of highly knowledgeable and compassionate case management teams.

    As CEO of Paradigm Complex Care Solutions, Marijo oversees Paradigm’s Complex Care Division. With their service-oriented approach and the industry’s most expansive set of case management services, Paradigm Complex Care Solutions delivers reliable, cost-saving results for workers facing a challenging recovery process.

    Prior to Paradigm Complex Care Solutions, Marijo was the CEO of ALARIS, where she helped drive the company’s coast-to-coast expansion. She oversaw the acquisition of ALARIS into the Paradigm family, the integration of ALARIS and Encore into a unified case management offering, and the transition from ALARIS|Encore to Paradigm Complex Care Solutions.

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