• National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Pre-Conference Workshop

    The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is excited to host our yearly event at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability conference on December 5,2017 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

    Please find a preview to our upcoming session. We ask that you come prepared to decide on which breakout session you would like to attend at the time of registration so that we may accommodate room logistics.

    Keynote Speaker: Ms. Margaret Spence

    Top-Ranked Talent Developer, Global Business Strategist, Author and Consultant

    The Power to Succeed Starts with YOU!

    One of the deepest questions we can ask ourselves is – what do you want to experience in your lifetime and how will you experience it? This question leads to the overarching introspection that women must do around purpose and power. What connects your passion, purpose, and value? If we can find our daily purpose, we will see our value to the world. If you find your purpose – “The Why? The What? and The How?” – Embracing the action steps necessary to have the career and life we want becomes a joyful journey to success.

    We will also be hosting two breakout sessions:

    Session 1
    Life Happens: Managing life changes as we continue to embark on our Career aspirations.

    Keynote Speaker: Marjorie Lewis

    Accomplished author, writer, football coach, and most importantly, mother will guide us through her life experiences and what she learned in her journey. 

    The hardest part of climbing the corporate ladder isn’t working with your manager or the job itself, it is managing life happens. As a young professional, investing time on your personal life while still growing in your career can be challenging. All the responsibilities involved in raising a family and managing career duties can feel overwhelming. Continuing to be present to support and guide your adolescent and young adult children, while exceling at work may feel daunting. Caring for aging parents while making sure your participation meets family expectations and contributing to your career growth may feel like a juggling act. Then come the life changes of marriage and divorce that contribute to the dynamic of balancing personal and career growth. All this happening and the ever-present, self-imposed guilt lingering in the background.

    We are also facing an interesting time in our industry of insolvency, mergers, and acquisitions which may put us in a position of learning new organizations to position ourselves for continued career growth or allowing us the opportunity to explore new opportunities. All of this while managing Life Happens.

    We will have a panel discussion where we will provide insight on managing Life Happens through the experience of a young professional, successful couple, and mid management executive.

    Session 2
    Transformational Leadership: Leading Authenticity with Resilience and Purpose

    The opportunity for women leaders to create transformative resilience in themselves as well as in the organizations and teams they lead is imperative for success. As leaders, women face internal and external challenges that often shake the foundation of their leadership vision – the journey to leadership is a path to authenticity. Authenticity, demands that you connect your values, priorities, and preferences to your leadership journey – when was the last time you clarified your vision? Finding your vision as a leader requires clarity – clarity leads to self-determination, and the willingness to align your values, purpose, and priorities. Being an authentic leader demands that you have a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful and what is required of you to create successful teams. Your path to leadership is a journey, why you decided to take one path or the another depends on how authentically you want to lead. This session will show attendees how to find clarity while creating an authentic leadership pathway. We will walk attendees through the process of building resilience while creating a transformative leadership vision.