• Millennials … a key part of our future

    In 2015 the millennial generation surpassed the number of all other generations in the workforce.  In addition, in the United States alone, millennials have $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.  So without a doubt, millennials are important to consider when you are marketing your brand or attempting to attract them to your organization or to our industry.

    Here are a few key points when marketing to millennials:

    1. Segmentation – proper audience segmentation allows you to deliver your message where it matters most. Never think the millennial market can be segmented by age alone. After all, even the age bracket for millennials is debatable. Finding the ideal audience requires being very specific.

    2. Make it relevant – your content must be relevant to at least three factors: age, location and cultural interests. Drive your message around what is important to your organization and the type of millennial you want to work for you. Millennials also tend to make decisions based on data, so make sure that you are quantifying your value in a relevant way.

    3. Rock their emotions – millennials are emotional. If you can rock their emotions, they will feel obligated to share it, embrace it and want to be a part of it. Generate ideas about happiness, excitement, affections, hope, anticipation and more.

    4. Mind your length – millennials are not only exposed to several options, oftentimes, they are also incredibly impatient. They lose interest quickly. So if you want to grab their attention, say it quick and say it well.

    5. Don’t underestimate videos or going social – today’s generation is highly visual. A study by the NY Times reports that 34% of millennials watch more videos online than TV. Fifty percent also watch a video at least once a day. Social media is the top activity of a millennial. Use all the social tools to attract their attention.

    Millennials don’t remember a world where the Internet wasn’t around. Social medial, blogs, websites, apps and online reviews are their primary source for making a decision. For digital marketing efforts to be successful, we have to create a marketing effort that strikes a chord with millenials.