• What’s Happening in 2018

    Sharing Ideas. Building Leaders.

    As the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation heads into its fourth year, we remain steadfast in our mission of sharing ideas and building leaders in our industry. We are excited to share that our Ambassadors program has now expanded into 15 states, and the Alliance is sponsoring more than 50 regional and national events this year in support of the workers’ compensation industry.

    In 2018, we are focusing on sharing ideas on alternative treatments for pain management, along with building leaders by driving success through strengthening the financial acuity of our members.

    February and March events:

    • Join us as we kick-off our complimentary webinar series on February 27 as best-selling author and highly-regarded national speaker Kristen Brown presents The Spectrum of Awesome: Fuel Your Own Leadership to Own the Room.
    • Engage with us in Boston on March 21 at our WCRI pre-conference panel discussion and interactive event: Rethinking Pain Management.
    • Get A Man’s Perspective on Women in the Workforce as top male leaders in the workers’ compensation industry weigh in on the unique skill sets and perspectives women bring to the table.
    • Make new connections at a fast and fun Speed Mentoring event in Philadelphia on March 29.
    • Build your financial acumen as financial services expert Katie Pemble speaks about The Value of Understanding a P&L Statement in Tampa on April 4. Later this year, Katie will also share more financial insights as she hosts the second webinar in our 2018 series.

    Details and registration information can be found on our events page: www.allianceofwomen.org/events.

    Be sure to also mark your calendars for our WCI 2018 pre-conference seminar in August, featuring keynote speaker Jean Chatzky, financial editor for NBC’s Today Show—and join us on the west coast in October for a half-day workshop on pain management as part of WorkComp Central’s annual Comp Laude Awards and Gala.

    As always, we are very grateful for the support of our corporate sponsors who continue to invest their time and financial resources to ensure the personal and professional growth of emerging leaders in our industry. Thank you!

    Betty James
    Artemis Emslie
    CEO, myMatrixx
    President of the Alliance of Women in Workers' Compensation

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